our imitator enclosure   this one is for azureus, see one in the back?   This houses tincs

Above are some of our enclosures, we have them in a rack that is pictured below. We purchased these enclosures from MDCustom caging and we are very happy with them. We have them in two different sizes: 15 x 15 x 15 and 15 x 15 x 18. The enclosures are vented on each side and on the top. We have also drilled them for a misting system and a drain. Each enclosure is monitored seperately for temperature and humidity. In the picture of the rack I have removed some of the silk plants that hide the drains to reveal an electronic thermometer. These can be purchased at any home improvement store or radio shack for around $10. We have see as much as a 5 degree difference in the enclosures on the rack, that little bit of variation can be deadly to some species of dart frogs during an unexpected heat wave. We also set up vertical 15 tanks that are front opening and are pictured at the bottom of the page. These tanks are great for thumbnails and any frogs that like to climb. They also allow us to grow orchids bacause of the increased air flow. We make vertical 2.5 gallon tanks for raising thumbnail froglets, These are pictured below on the right.

We use a variety of backgrounds but I like greatstuff/coco or coco panels the best.

Some of our enclosures from MD custom        

These are for thumbnail froglets. The tube in the middle is to catch them
Some of our 15 gallon verticle enclosures   

If you're interested in where we purchased our enclosures, visit http://www.mdcustom.com. Paul and Ed are great to work with.

If you're interested in how we build our enclosures, check our Ben Green's site and look for the building vivariums page, also check out his frogs too! Visit http://www.thechocohut.com

SEnd any questions or comments to frogs@martin-spot.com